Along with Change Comes

Greater Milwaukee Committee


2022 Annual Report


Greg Marcus & Joel Brennan

Executive Letter

A letter from Board Chair Greg Marcus and President Joel Brennan.

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GMC Community Impact

Milwaukee, WI

The work doesn’t stop inside the walls of our organization. We are creating deeper and more sustainable solutions when collaborating with partners and leaders throughout Milwaukee who are focused on common goals. Through the GMC’s expansive network and access to resources, we have focused on how we can convene, connect, and elevate to provide the outcomes that our community is looking for to solve systemic challenges.

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Program Updates

The GMC turns to innovation when discovering how to effectively serve our community; a community that is still reeling from the social and business effects of prior years. Our success is dependent on our roots - being nimble and responding to the most pressing needs while identifying the resources and processes to provide opportunity and solutions for the community, while at the same time looking ahead to prevent the continuation of economic and social catastrophes. It is a top down and bottom-up approach.

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Community Focus

Milwaukee, WI

The GMC worked through 2022 with a line of site to the coming year’s 75th anniversary. The greater Milwaukee region is experiencing urgent challenges that can only be truly solved with innovative thinking and courageous execution. While 2022 was a year of reflection, it was also simultaneously a year to look forward and refocus our efforts for the difficult work to come.

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