Community Focus

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We are empowered by the strength within the GMC – our members, our board of directors, our partners. The future of our work will be driven by membership to identify the most catalytic way for Milwaukee to succeed far beyond the bounds of a first-class city through civic innovation by addressing fiscal strength, education, infrastructure, and public safety for all.

In fall of 2022, we laid the groundwork for creating a new strategic plan. Through surveys and focus groups, we learned it is most important for the GMC to address systemic issues, whether that is through convening, collaborating, or informing civic community leadership and strategic direction. This insight has defined how the GMC will activate and affect change in our community for years to come. Members and trusted community partners identified key areas where the GMC can play a vital role in changing the barriers of success and growth in Milwaukee.

Operationally, this means that high engagement is a key factor in creating issue advancement and mission impact indicators through the areas identified in the strategic plan rolling out in 2023. Defining the work, setting goals, and determining the GMC’s role as a convener and collaborator to activate membership via a clear process will be informed by guiding principles that bring us closer to our mission of making Milwaukee the best place to live, learn, work, play and stay for all.

Lean into the future with us to surface and support innovations that address some of the region’s most pressing challenges. We will do this through partnerships that help us understand the challenges the region faces, research that identifies promising practices, increased connectivity among effective existing work, as well as identify gaps and empower action to amplify and accelerate efforts.