Greg Marcus & Joel Brennan

As we close the current year and embark on the 75th year in the storied history of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, the organization – like our community – is at a pinnacle moment. We have received a clear message that the need for us to help bring major impact to the community is greater than ever.

Our job is to serve and leverage the strength of the organization to develop the community that we all envision. By reflecting on the work of the past, we will do this by narrowing our focus to the larger challenges we see. We will drive change both in the organization’s approach as well as in the community, even as we continue to work in the spirit of collaboration that has been a hallmark of the GMC since its inception. And while we can celebrate the accomplishments of the current year, we know that challenging and important work lies ahead.

You are already starting to see the changes with a new method to our monthly meetings as well as through the collaborative work on the new strategic plan, and perhaps the greatest work of the past year is the continued efforts to fix the looming fiscal crisis our City and County face.

While we work on the new approach, our historical GMC programs continued to benefit our community.

The Commons and Forward 48 have prepared nearly 300 diverse emerging leaders for continued progress in our community. Scale Up Milwaukee continues to provide more focused growth solutions for small, diverse entrepreneurs. MKE United continues to address disparities in housing, workforce, and communities. And The Beerline Trail is fast on its way to creating a beautiful linear park that will connect communities and spur economic growth.

There is much more to come in 2023! Your participation is more important than ever. Thank you for your continued commitment and support of the GMC.



Greg Marcus



Joel Brennan